Making fresh TV and Commercial content for

TV Broadcast and Online Playout.


Kendo Prime Media is a Liverpool based Television production company working in documentaries and commercial filming in the UK and overseas. The founding business David Longstaffe media has traded since 2006 and in 2015 Kendo Prime Media was established and it has been self-funding TV documentaries with that first TX getting closer.

First television documentary came along in the form of a ‘obs doc’ about Albert Orme and his majorette dancing organisation GBBTA which is the UK, s largest attracting troupes from England Scotland and Wales with TV talents Ashley Taylor Dawson, Lisa George, Mikey North and George Sampson. Its fully filmed and produced and is at commissioning stage now.

 Getting off the ground in television production was never going to be easy, early on Kendo Prime Media joined The DPP ‘Digital production partnership’ for access to industry accepted standards and all our work is produced using The DPP production standards and this high level is used in our commercial filming for consistency across all of our filmmaking.

We get inside a story and live it to make authentic television and online content.

Television production is our core business and we bring these values to commercial advertising and documentaries.

Its how we weave that story into a narrative thats exciting, thats why we do what we do.

File delivery

Embracing file delivery production by implementing The DPP code of technical standards with QC, PSE testing and AS-11 file is the cornerstone of how we plan, shoot and produce. The vital eyeball test is how we make sure that the documentary is as good in its final form as it was at treatment and pitch stage.

Diverse opportunity

We want to find and help develop all types of talent required from writers, creators, production, actors, presenters and postproduction delivery to provide a whole host of talent which will enable the region to increase investment and create careers for equal opportunity.