Creating diverse and equal opportunity for creative talent


‘Helping individuals to navigate through the maze’ to a future in TV & Cinema production through applied learning and working experience.



Our mission, We want to find and work with the newest talent across the

Liverpool City Region #LCR

The region is established as one of the cultural cities in the world and there are an ever-increasing amount of TV and Film productions being shot in #LCR.

We want to find and help develop all types of talent required from writers, creators, production, actors, presenters and post production delivery so the #LCR is best placed to provide a whole host of talent which will enable the region to increase inward investment and create careers that stay here in the #LCR.

There is an opportunity for entrepreneurial approach to TV and Film cultivation rather than an institutional one from a formal education qualification. We want talent to be free to express and be fully inclusive in its approach to education on a two-way platform which will drive equality and diversity amongst people and the types of content developed.

‘Hub7Edge’ will create space for individual and collective expression to cultivate potential right in the heart of Edge Lane L7, it’s this unique potential that is here in #LCR that will produce identities amongst a various genre in completed content and talents.